Monopoly in the Park
Live Large!

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  • Payment made via PayPal
The security deposit is refundable after the completion of the rental. The Monopoly tokens and park features are custom-made and are expensive to replace. Previous experience demonstrated that players would kick, toss, or sit on the custom tokens and/or cause damage to park amenities (MITP game board, sign, concrete dice, tables, etc). The security deposit is to encourage players to treat the park site and custom tokens respectfully. Also, to leave the area clean and remove all trash. The security deposit for family, schools and non-profits is $150, corporations are based on size of business.
  • Fee $300
  • Deposit $150
It covers fee's for the staff to run the game and to set up and close. Any profit from the game (which is minimal) is put into maintenance.
Corporation prices are based on the size of company, please contact us for pricing.

Due to the family rental fee being set at cost, it is impossible to raise enough funds to maintain the board and its environs. The corporate rental fee, based on size of business, will be greater than the family rate.
The differential, above and beyond the hard costs of running a game, are directly deposited into a trust account for large item maintenance issues. A portions of your rental fee may be deductible. If this is desired, please ask Friends of San Jose (501c3) for tax donation letter.
  • Fee $300
  • Deposit $150
Schools and non-profits are charged the family rental rate of $300. The $150 security deposit is also required but fully refundable if no damage has occurred.
  • One year in advance
Monopoly in the Park may be reserved a year in advance. However, the minimum amount of time required is 30 days for non-alcoholic events and 45 days for catered and/or events with alcohol.
  • Without Alcohol: 30 days only required for your booking.
  • With Alcohol (beer & wine only): 45 days minimum required of your booking.
  • This timeframe is due to you requiring a ABC license, City of San Jose Police Dept, permit allowing alcohol in a city park and securing two reserve officers to work your event. (Additional costs will apply but an MITP volunteer and City staff will assist you in this process).
  • If the event is catered, the caterer's ABC license is acceptable. However, the Police Dept. permit and reserve officers will still be required.
  • No hard alcohol is allowed.
Monopoly in the Park is a site located within a larger park in the City of San Jose called Discovery Meadow. Renters receive exclusive playtime on the board which means that nothing else is going on in the larger park as well so that if a school or corporation needed more room for their event then it would be available for their use.

In addition, Monopoly in the Park coordinators must first contact the City of San Jose Special Park Use office for date approval. To keep going back and forth to a minimum, three dates are submitted to the city in hopes that at least one will be approved.
Information needed as to who will apply for the permit from San Jose Police Department, will Friends of San Jose assist.
Pop-up canopies, beach chairs, folding chairs and tables may be brought to support your event. BALLOONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
The City of San Jose does not allow balloons for several reasons. Mylar balloons can float into the PG&E electrical wires. Rubber balloons can float into rivers and streams and adversely affect wildlife.
If it rains on game day, a full refund of the rental fee and security deposit is made.
  • Yes.
  • Arrangements have been made with an office building next to the site. Before each game, opening the restrooms is coordinated with the building’s management. Depending on size and nature of function, portable restrooms and dumpsters may be required at the renter’s expense and with required permit(s).
There are paid parking lots and garages around the site. The least expensive one is located underneath Highway 87 across from the Children's Discovery Museum. No parking is allowed on park property. All equipment must be dropped off at the curb for set up at the giant game board and cars must be parked immediately.
Game Refs are people who have been specially trained to run a giant sized Monopoly game. It is their job to transport and set up all the special game equipment, run the Monopoly game from beginning to end so all you have to do is show up for your event. They will also answer any questions and provide background on the game of Monopoly and on how Monopoly the Park came to be. They also look and remove graffiti and close and pack up the equipment. They are there to make sure you have fun.
A monopoly game may be played straight through with 12 people, short game rules apply. There are six tokens to the game. Two people play one token. One person is in charge of the custom-made token hat and is responsible for knowing which property the token landed upon. The other person wears an apron with the money and deed cards and is responsible for collecting money from other players and the Banker.
A monopoly "experience" game can be implemented. This is where the monopoly game continues and people tag in and out of the game, this is for a larger group than 12 gamers. Then at the end of the game it is, the token that wins the game not a specific individual. Those not playing at the time may sit around the board, talk with friends and/or have food and beverages.
Friends of San Jose (Friends) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was created 20 years ago (1994) to provide a fiscal agent role for San Jose’s Earth Day Festival implemented by San Jose Beautiful. In 1992, San Jose Beautiful began the planning, construction and implementation of Monopoly in the Park. Monopoly in the Park opened in 2002 and Friends of San Jose currently has an agreement with the City of San Jose to operate and maintain it. Friends of San Jose has an all volunteer Board of Directors.
The organizers may film and photograph the event.
These materials will be used online and offline to promote Monopoly in the Park and to advertise future events.. By attending the event you agree to appear in such films and photographs.
The rental fee is fully refundable up to three days before the event minus 3% that PayPal has already charged.